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Draft Timetable - Autumn Semester Examination 2019

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Draft Timetable - Autumn Semester Examination 2019
by Harihara Subramonian .P Lecturer - Monday, 7 October 2019, 11:48 AM

Dear Students

Pleased to share the Draft Timetable of the upcoming Autumn Semester Examination 2019 for your kind information. The timetable is prepared by looking into the convenience of all of you and the students who are repeating some of their exam modules in this Autumn Semester. Look into the timetable and make sure that all the exam modules are reflected. If not and in case any clash report to the Exam Cell at the earliest or before 18th of October. If you have further suggestions bring it in a written manner with the signature of all the students of your class. 

Hari .P
Assessment Standards and Examination Committee