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Extended Library Service during Exam Time

Extended Library Service during Exam Time

by yeshey Dorji Chief Librarian -
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Dear Faculty Members and Student Body,

This is to inform you that as  the Students' Representatives seemed to have approached the Dean of Student Affairs  requesting for extended library service during exam time,  the library staff has decided to provide extended library service with immediate  effect  i.e from today 5th of June 2019 -until the end of the Semester as follows: 

Mon-Friday :                          8:30 AM- 10 PM
Week ends  (Sat & Sunday)  2: 00 PM -5.00  PM
 The Library requests and expects all the users to make best use of the  extended time provided. 

As discussed through telephone  this morning  Karma Sir (DSA)   is requested to update  me on the adequacy of  library timing during week ends.

Best wishes  and prayers for your  successful  performance of Exam.

Yeshey Dorji