This module will enable students to develop an understanding and gain practical experience of developing a dissertation proposal following systematic research processes, such as identification of research topic, statement of research problem, development of research questions/hypothesis and writing of the significance of the research study. 


Students will develop a robust dissertation proposal which they will defend.  The proposal defense will provide an avenue for students to receive feedback and constructive criticism from their peers and the tutors in order to improve on their proposal. 


Students will learn how to carry out review of relevant and up-to-date literature to build a sound theoretical base for their study. Further, the module will assist students to adopt the most appropriate research design and develop tools to collect and analyse data.   


This module is expected to help students develop confidence and prepare them to take up the dissertation through a series of seminars that they will present to articulate their proposal, methodology and research plan. 


Successful execution of the Dissertation Proposal will lead on to the Dissertation.