General Objectives

This module follows on from the earlier module RES506 “Dissertation Proposal” during which students have developed and successfully defended their proposals for the dissertation.  The overall aim of this module is to enable students to develop an understanding and obtain practical experience of the research process and research skills required to undertake a supervised research project.  Students will explore and apply relevant scientific and analytical methods and practical skills to the chosen topic; as well as develop further their research skills acquired through the study of modules on research that form part of the programme. 

This module intends to bring overall enhancement in the students’ ability to be critical, independent and reflective through the process of carrying out a substantial piece of independent research that is expected to advance knowledge in the teaching of science and mathematics. Further, the module will ensure alignment to the principles of Bhutan Baccalaureate in the teaching learning and assessment, specifically considering the five areas of development, skills, processes and watermarks.