The Advanced Studies I covers two units. 

Unit I is on Conservation Laws and Constrain Interactions in Mechanics, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics. It aims to develop a deeper understanding on how the three conservation laws of physics constrain the behavior of isolated system of object in spite of their detailed characteristics of their interactions. 

Unit II is on the Universality of Physical Laws in Mechanics, Dynamics, Relativity and Astronomy. It aims to develop a deeper understanding of how interactions affect the motion of an individual object. Mathematical Physics is across both the Units. 

The study of these two units in turn will help them to apply basic principles involved and knowledge of mathematics to solve real life problems and exploit the full scope of physics applications in Mechanics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Relativity and astronomy. It will also enhance effective Physics teaching and learning in secondary schools. 

  • The module aims to provide students an in-depth theoretical knowledge underpinning development and learning processes of young learners. It will enhance overall understanding and appreciation of the influence of cognitive, social and emotional changes in the process of learning and teaching. Such insights and realizations from this module is intended to inspire students to practically apply to inform one’s professional practice, attitude and culture in meaningfully engaging the young minds in the schools.