Dear Students,

Welcome to the world of Contemplative Education and lets explore further by interacting the module EDU 603: Contemplative Education. The module aims to prepare classroom practitioners in contemplative practices in teaching, curriculum development, and strengthening personal awareness. Thus, it focuses on the contemplative transformation of the classroom practitioner.

The implementation of contemplative teaching techniques, methods, and curriculum will naturally evolve from the practice of teaching with mindfulness and awareness.

 The first task of the contemplating teacher is to uncover in both his/her body and mind an unshakeable conviction that goodness is basic, intrinsic, and firm. This will not come just through rewiring our conceptual frames, nor will it come through a course of psychiatric probing although this may accompany the uncovering work that we do with ourselves. We need to actually sit down, stop doing stuff and begin to take a look at what goes on in what we call ―our mind.

Remember every moment is to be cherished and celebrated.